Black God Card

Black God NFT Supreme Card, is a special privileged status for Free God DAO to get more special rights and benefits outside the NFT Glory Medal value system, which belongs to the Black God family Supreme Status Card.

Black God Supreme Card empowerment as follows:
1. After the launch of NFT trading platform, the users with Black God Supreme Card will have the permanent access to the platform for priority purchase of high-quality NFT assets Whitelist qualifications.
2. Qualification to purchase the charger Whitelist in the Running Free Man GameFi World.
3. The producer identity for Running Free Man Invite Code, which can only be produced and issued by the users who holds the Black God Supreme Card;
4. As a part of the Supreme and honorable Black God family, the holder will enjoy the special and priority treatment! Enjoy the supreme honor and special rights!
5.Continuous empowerment identity of the priority privileges in the Free God DAO Century Ecosystem.
6.Airdrop NFTs.


MINT Rules

Synthesis Conditions for Black God NFT Glory Medal:

1. Collect a set of FGD Glory Medal NFT collection, including Gold, Purple, Green and Blue(Plan A), or 2 Purple Modal Glory Medal NFTs + 2 Blue Glory Medal NFTs(Plan B)

2. Plan A: 599,995 FGCAs will need to be paid; Plan B: 800 FGD + 680,000 FGCAs will need to be paid (The received FGCAs will be sent into black hole address to burn) Meet the two conditions at once will have the chance to purchase a Black God Supreme Card.

3.Each Glory Medal NFT can only be used once.

Deadline Countdown









Synthesize Black God Card