Freedom God DAO (FGD)

A DAO mysterious geek organization from different countries around the world. The new DAO organization has all the advantages of Bitcoin, and it has the characteristics of anonymity, security, Immutability, and payment without borders. Freedom God has its own value-added attributes and is efficient. Financial management resists inflation and is the preferred asset.


The launch of FGD is just the beginning. In the era of revolution brought about by decentralized finance DEFI, a complete Metaverse Liberty God public chain will appear in three years. This will be a great and long-term planning of the century project. Circulation generates value. FGD will have its own financial attributes. FGD will be the best anti-inflation asset allocation for global capital and even the market. FGD will completely solve the life experience of human beings pursuing economic independence and getting rid of work constraints to obtain physical and mental freedom. FGD is changing. This world brings subversive changes to revolutionary centralization.

Token info

Total number of tokens: 21 million (never additional issuance) How to go online: The initial circulation is 6 million, 6 million is directly purchased in the Binance Chain PancakeSwap pool, and 3 million is used for global excellent community connection rewards and technology research and development. The remaining 12 million are produced through three-year liquidity mining. The mining output can be harvested once a week to circulate the market. In the early stage, market promoters will have a certain percentage of sharing rewards. The first year will produce 3 million, and the second year will produce 3 million. 4 million, and 5 million in the third year.

Total Supply


Mining Number




Markets and Incentives


Our plans in the future


April 2022

Birth of FGD

Freedom God DAO officially launched
Official website launched
Trading on pancakeswap
Start mining
Jan 2023

Ecological upgrade

Serving the Global FGD Community member
Centralized exchange Launched
Decentralized Exchange Listed
Global FGD DAO established
Jan 2025

FGD upgrade

Complete the full circulation market of FGD
FGD public chain testnet
Solve cross-chain problems
Recruit public chain nodes
Dec 2026

Eco complete

Create an ecosystem centered on the FGD public chain
FGD public chain Launched
Cross-chain bridge Launched
Open public chain coin mining






What you
should know

Gain financial freedom if you participate in FGD's program! No need to be shocked, because we are changing the world by a coincidence in our plan! Just because you chose to believe in FGD, thank you for your belief, we and FGD were born for the ultimate freedom of mankind.

Freedom God DAO Dapp supports a variety of wallets, it is recommended to use Trust Wallet, tokenpocket wallet, bitkeep wallet, MetaMask.

All Freedom God DAO contracts are audited by a reputable auditing company to ensure a high level of security before they are released to the block,so please feel free to use them.

In addition to the normal GAS fee, FGD does not charge any fee.

After the stake, in order to better increase the value of the token, the contract can release the stake every 7 days.

If you want to become a referrer and get the invitation share income, the total value of your stake LP needs to exceed 1200U