FGDSwap Token(FGDS)

FGDSwap is an important part of the Black God Ecology "Genesis Project", which will serve for engineering development and be the bellwether of the industry. FGDS is the official token of FGDSwap platform, which will be used for the platform's welfare rewards and node rewards. It will also be the value standard of the high quality project. The total supply of FGDS is 100,000,000. Transaction(Buy and Sell) incurs 2% consumption; about 5% for Presale; 25% for FGDS Team Foundation and 70% for mining! All of assets of Genesis project will be the parent assets for producing FGDS.
Mining Ratio/Mining Cycle Mining Reward/ Mining Rules:
1. The LP value of BNB/FGD Staking Mining is about 10% of the total Mining Supply. The mining cycle is 3 years ; 2. 8% for FGD Staking Mining. The mining cycle is 3 years. 3. 3% for NFT card Staking Mining. The mining cycle is 180 days. 4. 3% for Black God Card Staking Mining. The mining cycle is 180 days 5. 3% for FGCA-FGD LP value Staking Mining. The mining cycle is 180 days. 6. 43% for FGDS/BNB LP continuous Mining. The mining cycle is 5 years. Rewards will be distributed every 90 days. (Starts from mining date)
Mining scientifically in Black God Ecology, enjoy the continuing surprises for various kinds of ecology in the future.

FGDS Presale(finished)

The dedicated collection addresses of the Presale Grades are as follows:

1.Whale Grade(3000 Shares):
1158FGDS = Pay 500 USDT + 68 FGD
Shark Grade(4000 Shares):
518FGDS = Pay 300 USDT+ 48 FGD
Goldfish Grade(6000 Shares):
258FGDs = Pay 200 USDT + 38 FGD

Tips: Please do not transfer tokens to the presale collection address.

Total Supply




Team Foundation